Doctor Who recap: series 38, episode four – Nikola Tesla’s Night of Terror

There’s a literal power grab this week, as electricity pioneer Tesla is targeted by the menacing Skithra. Is it an exceptional episode? No. Is it electric? Absolutely!

Holy Elon Musk! For this year’s first ‘celebrity historical’, Chris Chibnall’s Doctor Who continues its noble tradition of celebrating underappreciated figures from history. But shining a light on the pioneering inventor Nikola Tesla, who gave us AC electricity though never achieved due acclaim in his lifetime … well it’s hardly The Shakespeare Code is it? For those of us largely unbothered by details of electrical current, Night of Terror is a classic story of realising your true potential. This reimagining sees Tesla (in a charismatic performance from ER’s Goran Višnjić) targeted for his expertise by unpleasant scorpion race the Skithra.

Continuity corner: the Skithra have scavenged a gun from lizard-types the Silurians. Definitely better value for the producers than building a whole new prop.
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