Disney Fans Are Furious That Mushu Isn’t In Mulan Remake

In contrast to other Disney live-action remakes, this year’s Mulan reboot is expected to take a lot of liberties with the original 1998 movie. It won’t be a musical, for one, and major characters like Li Shang and Shan Yu have been replaced with new faces. Fans seem to be able to accept these alterations, but the latest news about the pic has them fuming.

In case you haven’t heard, director Niki Caro has confirmed that Mushu the dragon will definitely not be featured. Voiced by Eddie Murphy, the diminutive dragon was the breakout star of the original, with his wisecracking ways and character arc – going from gong-ringer to respected guardian of the Fa family – having always been popular with viewers. But don’t expect Mushu in the 2020 version, with Caro stating that there will be a different spiritual representation of Mulan’s ancestors in her take.

Needless to say,
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