First Love review – brilliantly bizarre, ultra-violent yakuza caper

A terminally-ill boxer helps out a troubled sex worker in Takashi Miike’s strange and wildly energetic film – his 103rd

Japan’s maestro of pulp Takashi Miike is approaching his 60th birthday (this August) and, far from slowing down, remains fanatically prolific. Here is his 103rd feature credit, a violent yakuza caper that hits the ground sprinting from the opening credits, bringing in the gruesome decapitations pretty much from the word go.

Leo (Masakata Kobota) is a young boxer who is told he has an inoperable brain tumour, with little time to live – and a fortune-teller informs him that he should be fighting for someone, not just for the selfish pleasure of victory. Emboldened by these medical and supernatural prophecies, Leo steps in to help a terrified young woman, Monica (Sakurako Konishi), who has been forced into prostitution by yakuza gangsters. She is also tormented by visions of the abusive
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