Harley Quinn Episode 12 Review: Devil's Snare

Rosie Knight Feb 14, 2020

Devil's Snare, the penultimate episode of Harley Quinn season 1, opens with a major surprise and concludes with an even bigger one.

This Harley Quinn review contains spoilers.

Harley Quinn Episode 12

The penultimate episode of Harley Quinn has arrived and it begins by offering up some seriously strange conflicts for the crew. This week Harley and her gang have to face down a group of mutant and maniacal trees whilst the Scarecrow uses his Poison Ivy pheromone fear serum to drive the citizens of Gotham towards the monstrous plantlife. In case that wasn't hint enough, this is a Poison Ivy episode, and even better than that we get the return of Christopher Meloni's crazed Jim Gordon. But the real star here is the Justice League who make their debut here and quickly banish our beloved baddies to... The Phantom Zone!!

As much fun as that setup would have been,
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