Bad Education Trailer: Hugh Jackman is a Seedy School Super in HBO Movie

Joseph Baxter Feb 21, 2020

Bad Education, a fact-based film about a school scandal, brandishes a killer cast headlined by Hugh Jackman.

Bad Education is an upcoming movie that has headliner Hugh Jackman showcasing his range with yet another comedic and intriguingly uncharacteristic performance. However, said film won’t be seen at a theater near you – it’s heading to HBO!

The film, despite its tongue-in-cheek presentation, is actually a fact-based affair. Jackman stars as Frank Tassone, a school superintendent who, upon discovery of his malfeasance in 2002, plunged his Long Island district in a notorious embezzlement scandal.

Cory Finley directed the film, coming off his 2017 feature debut, the crime thriller, Thoroughbreds. He worked here off a screenplay by Mike Makowsky.

Bad Education Trailer

The trailer for HBO’s Bad Education previews Jackman’s depiction as Frank Tassone as a beloved and seemingly-driven school super who, by all visible accounts, has his district on an upward trajectory.
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