‘My Little Sister’: Film Review

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‘My Little Sister’: Film Review
When it comes to stories of adult siblings, cinema tends to remain overwhelmingly gender-divided. Great films about brotherly love and sisterly strife are plentiful, but tender brother-sister studies are a rarer breed. “My Little Sister,” then, is a welcome, warm-hearted addition to the ranks of “You Can Count on Me,” “The Savages” and various films that don’t star Laura Linney: a modestly scaled, intimately observed domestic drama that doesn’t reinvent any wheels in its portrayal of family frictions, midlife ennui and the anguish of terminal illness, but handles all this potentially sticky material with clear-eyed grace. Not that you’d expect cheap sentiment with redoubtable stars Nina Hoss and Lars Eidinger as the siblings in question: In addition to bolstering its European distribution potential, their beautifully matched performances lend this quiet Swiss production a necessary bit of flint throughout.

My Little Sister” is the second narrative film
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