Disney Fans Just Realized That Tangled “Predicted” Coronavirus Outbreak

Disney Fans Just Realized That Tangled “Predicted” Coronavirus Outbreak
We’re used to The Simpsons turning out to accurately predict the future, but Disney’s classic animated movies aren’t usually known for their precognitive abilities. That said, Mouse House fans have just realized that the current coronavirus outbreak was eerily foreshadowed by an unlikely source: 2010’s Tangled.

Although the family fantasy tale about a princess with magical hair and co-starring a mid-Chuck, pre-Shazam! Zachary Levi might seem pretty far removed from the current global lockdown, when you look at it in a certain way, it’s surprisingly life-like. I’ll let the tweet below explain it:

When you realized Rapunzel was quarantined for 16 years and the fictional kingdom where she was born is called “Corona”.

Bitchh We Living In A Tangled World

— djj (@DjsinsuatDj) March 16, 2020

To misquote Flynn Rider: Tangled! Who knew, right? To add some context to this strange connection, corona is the Latin word for crown,
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