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Poll: Saying Goodbye to "@midnight"

@midnight (2013) ended its four-year run on August 4th. The show, hosted by all-around nerdy/cool guy, Chris Hardwick, became known for its groundbreaking integration of TV with social media, with viewers able to participate on Twitter in real time. It won two Emmys and at one point tied the Daily Show for the highest ratings of all basic cable shows in the coveted 18-34 demographic.

Chris Hardwick will still have all his other jobs hosting various after shows on AMC and The Wall on NBC, so we'll be able to enjoy him for years to come. But who knows when we will still get to enjoy so many giggles from Ron Funches in a 30-minute period*?

These comedians have "won the internet" at least five times on @midnight. Who do you consider the funniest?

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* Here's a video to tide you over:

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    Steve Agee

    10 wins in 22 appearances
  2. Vote!

    Doug Benson

    22 wins in 39 appearances plus the winner of the Tournament of Champions
  3. Vote!

    Kurt Braunohler

    7 wins in 19 appearances
  4. Vote!

    Jon Daly

    6 wins in 10 appearances
  5. Vote!

    Chris D'Elia

    5 wins in 10 appearances
  6. Vote!

    Ron Funches

    19 wins in 28 appearances
  7. Vote!

    Nikki Glaser

    8 wins in 20 appearances
  8. Vote!

    Mamrie Hart

    6 wins in 12 appearances
  9. Vote!

    Grace Helbig

    6 wins in 11 appearances
  10. Vote!

    Jesse Joyce

    11 wins in 15 appearances
  11. Vote!

    Moshe Kasher

    12 wins in 19 appearances
  12. Vote!

    Kyle Kinane

    10 wins in 18 appearances
  13. Vote!

    Jen Kirkman

    6 wins in 18 appearances
  14. Vote!

    Hari Kondabolu

    5 wins in 10 appearances
  15. Vote!

    Thomas Lennon

    8 wins in 20 appearances
  16. Vote!

    Kumail Nanjiani

    5 wins in 7 appearances
  17. Vote!

    Megan Neuringer

    5 wins in 11 appearances
  18. Vote!

    Jonah Ray

    5 wins in 14 appearances
  19. Vote!

    Jason Sklar

    5 wins in 14 appearances
  20. Vote!

    Randy Sklar

    8 wins in 13 appearances
  21. Vote!

    Paul F. Tompkins

    14 wins in 22 appearances
  22. Vote!

    Janet Varney

    5 wins in 7 appearances

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