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Animate my New Year's Eve! For many of us New Year's Eve is party time. Which of these animated characters would you like to party through the night and greet the New Year? Book your New Year's Eve plans here.
Title Role Performances — Full Name Titles These movie titles contain the full name of the main character from the movie, without any additions. Whose title role performance is your favorite? You may discuss the poll here
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Favorite Modern Black & White Film The beauty of black and white in modern cinema. Films that are (mostly) entirely shot in black and white from the last 25 years are listed. Discuss here:…
Face-Off: Bio of a Crapteur? Which of the following biopics depicting the lives of cult filmmakers best makes you want to explore their work more? Discuss your answer here.
The Greatest Movies About Hollywood Sometimes Hollywood filmmakers, in the midst of all their chaos, stop and think to themselves "You know, this would be a great subject for a movie." And, sometimes, it is that irony which le…
Best Stop-Motion Movie What is your favorite animated movie made in stop-motion? After voting discuss here
Saddest death from a 1994 movie ... Which of these characters' deaths (and their emotional aftermath) from 1994 moved you the most? (Spoilers obviously) Discuss here
B&W Films of the 90s From the 70s onward, with the vast majority of films being shot in color, it has become an artistic and/or stylistic choice to present a film in black and white. More often today it is used to pay hom…
Favorite stop-motion animated movie? Must be at least 50% stop-motion footage, thus, Harryhausen's films don't qualify... Discuss the list here
Nice to See You... You are? Which movie that includes long forgotten ancestors is your favorite? After voting, discuss here.
Have Pride in These Queer Firsts Happy Pride Month! Listed below are movie and TV "firsts" for the LGBT community. Which do you consider most important? Want to talk about it? Click here!
Best 'Adapted' Biopic These are top 35 highest rated Biography genre films based on Adapted screenplays. Which one is your favorite? Discuss the list here Also Available: Best 'Original' Biopic
It's Not Disney Which is the best animated movie outside of Disney and Pixar? This poll doesn't include anime movies You may discuss here
Movies at 25 in 2019 Movies released in 1994 are now 25 years old. This poll includes the top rated 35 of the 3,327 movies released in 1994. Which one of these is your favorite? After voting, you may discuss the poll here…
Biopics About Filmmakers The biopic is a famous genre in contemporary Hollywood to tell stories of peculiar historical characters, in this case to tell the stories of great filmmakers who for good or for bad influenced the ci…
Movies About Movies Which movie about a movie is your favorite? Discuss
Face-Off: Laika feature films Laika is an American stop-motion animation studio. Its new film, The Boxtrolls (2014), is scheduled to come out at the end of September. Which of Laika's previous feature-length films is your favorite…
Characters in need of an intervention Fictional characters or real-people bios featuring people with addictions. Tobacco use not included. Poll suggested by horn-5. You may discuss the poll here.

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