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Poll: A Tribute to Tex Avery

Hello, all you happy people. You know what? He's my hero.

And "he" refers to Frederick Bean Avery, better known as Tex Avery, certainly after Walt Disney, the most influential animation director of history.

Avery's naughty humor and perfect comical timing set the new tone of comedy and codified a form of humor that is still used today by animators, comedians and comedic directors. His ahead-of-its-time parodic humor mostly relied on sight gags, wild takes, continuous fourth-wall breaking -a hysterical chase scene would often be interrupted with a sign saying 'silly, isn't it?'- making Avery a true pop-culture icon.

And while often perceived as the anti-Disney, he was more of a complement. Disney made movies for children, awaking in the process the inner child in every adult while good old "Tex" never believed animation was just for kiddies. His cartoons definitely aimed an adult audience, as evidenced by his iconic creations; the erotomaniac wolf, howling whenever he sees the so-realistically sexy Red, the laconic Droopy and the sadistic Screwy Squirrel.

(Quite a long intro, isn't it?)

Now, in homage to the legendary director, which of these images taken from his shorts* -whether for their comedic or sentimental value- is your favorite?

After voting, you may discuss the poll here, George!

*while Avery made his debut at Warner Bros. where he made one contribution or two (such as creating Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck) the name "Tex Avery" is mostly associated to the MGM period (1942-1955) MGM will be the focus then, you know, the roaring lion, Droopy and all that stuff.

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    Red Hot Riding Hood (1943)

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    Magical Maestro (1952)

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    Dumb-Hounded (1943)

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    The Early Bird Dood It! (1942)

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    What's Buzzin' Buzzard? (1943)

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    King-Size Canary (1947)

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    Bad Luck Blackie (1949)

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    Blitz Wolf (1942)

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    Swing Shift Cinderella (1945)

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    Dumb-Hounded (1943)

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    Screwball Squirrel (1944)

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    Red Hot Rangers (1947)

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    Lonesome Lenny (1946)

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    The Shooting of Dan McGoo (1945)

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    The Shooting of Dan McGoo (1945)

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    Jerky Turkey (1945)

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    Wild and Woolfy (1945)

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    Northwest Hounded Police (1946)

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    Lucky Ducky (1948)

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    Lina Romay and Bill Thompson in Señor Droopy (1949)

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    Lucky Ducky (1948)

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    Little Rural Riding Hood (1949)

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    Doggone Tired (1949)

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    Ventriloquist Cat (1950)

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    The Cuckoo Clock (1950)

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    Garden Gopher (1950)

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    Daws Butler and Bill Thompson in Rock-a-Bye Bear (1952)

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    Cellbound (1955)

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    Lonesome Lenny (1946)

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    The Hick Chick (1946)

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    The Cuckoo Clock (1950)

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    The Chump Champ (1950)

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    The Three Little Pups (1953)

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    Cock-a-Doodle Dog (1951)

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    Screwball Squirrel (1944)

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