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Poll: Academy Award for Best Director Goes to ... ?

After having a poll for Excellent Directors Who Never Won the Oscar here is a poll for some of the greatest directors of all time who have never won an Oscar for Directing, but still have a chance to win it.

Here is the list. Which one of them do you wish to be the next Oscar winner? After voting, discuss here.

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    Jean-Luc Godard

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    David Fincher

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    Ridley Scott

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    Quentin Tarantino

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    Paul Thomas Anderson

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    Tim Burton

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    Spike Lee

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    David Lynch

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    Terry Gilliam

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    David O. Russell

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    Christopher Nolan

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    Wes Anderson

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    Terrence Malick

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    Darren Aronofsky

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    Ken Loach

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    Denis Villeneuve

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    David Cronenberg

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    Werner Herzog

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    Paul Verhoeven

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    Mike Leigh

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    Michel Gondry

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    Jane Campion

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