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Poll: Coolest musician cameo on Portlandia?

Fred and Carrie's excellently quirky show has attracted more than its share of musician cameos. Which is the coolest, IYO?

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    Tunde Adebimpe

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    Jello Biafra

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    Angel Bouchet

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    Dirty Projectors

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    Kim Gordon

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    Josh Homme

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    k.d. lang

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    Aimee Mann

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    Johnny Marr

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    J. Mascis

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    Sarah McLachlan

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    James Mercer

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    Duff McKagan

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    Michael Nesmith

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    Joanna Newsom

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    No Doubt

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    St. Vincent

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    Tuck Andress

    and Patti Cathchcart, aka Tuck & Patti
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    Corin Tucker

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    Jeff Tweedy

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    Eddie Vedder

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    Jack White

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