Review of Wind

Wind (I) (1992)
Beautifully made if over-acted sailing epic
12 January 1999
Under anyone else's direction, "Wind" would be mediocre at best. Caroll Ballard of "Never Cry Wolf" helmed this fictional tale of the race for the America's Cup, and it shows. The level of acting is mixed: Modine is wooden, but the supporting cast doesn't get the exposure it deserves, especially Skarsgard. The plot is somewhat sports-movie predictable, and the characters are, for the most part, poorly executed, though most blame for that probably belongs to the dreadfully scripted dialogue. The movie's real strength is in its stunningly beautiful cinematography, full of seemingly impossible camera angles, well-crafted scene composition, and wonderful use of color and shadows; in places, it is as visually appealing as "2001". Ballard's direction is superb, and Poleodorus' score matches the camera work in excellence. Non-sailors will enjoy this film, and will be able to follow the intricacies of high-level yacht racing. Sailors will drool over this glorification of sailing's beauty.
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