Review of Matt Waters

Matt Waters (1996)
Matt Waters wasn't given a chance to grow an audience
16 October 2003
Matt Waters, a 1996 CBS mid season replacement starred daytime television host Montell Williams. Williams plays a just retired naval officer, whose brother is tragically murdered in the same New Jersey neighborhood in which Williams character grew up. Williams character Matt Waters, decides to dedicate his life to helping troubled youth in a local New Jersey high school.

He steers his class full of roughnecks towards discipline, honesty, courage, and excellence through the use of naval biology. Matt Waters could be a little preachy at times, but was a potential hit had CBS given the show a chance. Montell Williams gives a surprisingly, convincing performance as a determined high school teacher. Maybe had this show premiered on FOX, it would have had a longer run.

Montell Williams should do more dramatic television. He is that good. Matt Waters should be shown in High Schools around the country. I hope the show is released on DVD someday.
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