Without a doubt the best English TV Series of the year 2000.
21 December 2001
"At Home with the Braithwaites" is absolutely excellent. Sarah Smart who plays Virginia is the best character. She is a stunning actress I'm sure she'll defently go far and have a wonderful career. She's such a natural.

The TV Series is about the Braithwaite family. They arn't really that happy. The mum Alison is a housewife. The dad David is a bad tempered miserable money lender who is having an affair with his secretary. The eldest daughter Virginia is at university and is completly screwed up and is a lesbian who is also in love with the next door neighbour, the middle daughter, Sarah is at school and is a moaney old cow. The youngest is Charlotte and she's quite weird.

This is the situation they live in. Then Alison win's the lottery, 38 million but doesn't really know what to do with the money and she doesn't tell her family. Eventualy with the help of two other women she sets up a company that helps people (her family still don't know.) The next string of events are that Virginia is doing that badly at University she gets kicked out and is now living at home but all she thinks about is Megan the next door neighbour. So she comes out to her but also reveals that she knows that she (Megan) had sex with the window cleaner. Then Megan flips out and ignores her sending Virginia into depression. Sarah has made a fool of herself writing a love letter to a teacher and now has completely lost all self control and is having sex with the other next door neighbour, Phil.

Soon Virginia tells only her mum about the fact that she's gay and then Alison tells her about the money and the company. But then Virginia goes mad and stars to spend, spend, spend.

At the end the press find out that it is Alison that has won the money and cast it all over the news and the whole family finds out. Then Alison finds out about David's affair and she takes him back.

This TV Series is truely amazing. It's so good that it's the only series that I've remembered to tape every single week. Also if you like that series in the second one things really get interesting...
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