The most beautiful love story ever told.
22 January 2006
Warning: Spoilers
'' The Beauty and The Beast'' is one of the greatest stories ever told and one of the best movies from Disney that I watched in my life. I always identified myself with Belle, the girl who does not belong the place where she is lives and also with a big taste of reading lots of books. Our story takes part in France in 18 century, and our main character Belle is the prettiest girl in the city she lives, being the object of the affection and interest of Gaston, an arrogant man that has the sympathy of the people of the region.(And also considered a big catch for the girls of the city)But Belle is not interested in him and always imagined her life different from the domestic life people always imagine for her.One day, Belle's father, an inventor, was going to sell one of his inventions and lost his ways, being attacked by wild animals and entering in a big dark mansion apparently without a owner. He stays there for a time, but soon the Beast comes up and attacks him,making him a prisoner in his castle.Belle stays worried and goes after her father in the mansion and there she sees the violent and awful beast who locked her father. She then makes a deal: Belle agrees to stay in the dark castle with the horrible beast in return to her father's freedom. But with the time, Belle is going to discover all the magic that is beyond the castle, including the talking objects and even a nice side that the Beast has.

This story is very inspiring and very beautiful! =)
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