Absolutely riveting
9 September 2006
We've known for a while now that what goes on in the confessional is not always the will of God. But the way this documentary is put together, it just moves you deep inside. The film is unassuming at first but is gathering a lot of steam from segment to segment. I was choked with emotions when one victim's father is expressing his rage. I was fighting tears during most of the film. It was hard not be moved considering the victims' plight and considering the very priest that presided over my wedding was himself imprisoned for sexual assaults committed in the past. Some will say that Amy Berg's documentary paints a one-sided pretty ugly picture of the Catholic Church. But the Church didn't always help itself when expressing doubt, ignoring or by just refuting cases of abuse committed by priests. The director was there at the premiere of her documentary at the Toronto International Film Festival. It was interesting to hear her talk about Father O'Grady. For her, it seems that by agreeing to be interviewed for this film, it was some kind of a way to be freed from whatever guilt he may have. You can sense that this guy puts a lot of importance in showmanship. Seen at the Varsity, during the Toronto International Film Festival, on September 9th, 2006.

88/100 (***½)
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