Forgetting this film is a great miscarriage of justice!
28 September 2008
Warning: Spoilers
This is a film that very rarely comes on TV, isn't out on DVD or video and isn't included in the Maltin Guide. This seems really sad, as this is not some run of the mill film but one of the better courtroom films I have seen--about as good as WITNESS FOR THE PROSECUTION but without the large Hollywood cast.

Ray Milland plays an exceptionally talented barrister (English for "lawyer for who prosecutes or defends clients"). However, his daughter is tragically killed by a hit-and-run driver and he's naturally devastated. His grief is compounded by the fact that they have no leads as to who did it and eventually his mind snaps--forcing several months of hospitalization. Shortly after he's released, he is accused of killing a neighbor because supposedly the neighbor was the hit-and-run driver. The problem is that Milland seems unlikely to have done it, as he'd been bashed over the head that night and his keys had been stolen at about the same time the neighbor was being killed. However, it's not conclusive that he didn't commit the crime and evidence just magically appeared in his home that sure made him look guilty.

What I liked about this is that the script was well done and had some excellent twists. Additionally, while at the end there was a bit of a "Perry Mason moment" where the truth is revealed, the way all this comes about seems possible and well constructed. See this missing gem--you'll be happy you did, as it's a real thinking-person's film that doesn't sell the intelligence of the audience short!

UPDATE: This film is finally out on DVD and can be rented from Netflix.
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