Not funny, or at least not yet
4 June 2009
I failed to find any of the jokes in his first episode. It was just a bunch of videos - some funny, and some were him just screaming nonsense (for example, the Universal Studios clip). The second episode opened up with a more traditional monologue, but still, it was short and contained very few jokes.

I've enjoyed some of the videos so far, such as the video clip about his old car and his shopping spree. However, most of the show consists of him standing anxiously or screaming in strange voices. I suppose this is a new "Tonight Show" that must be gotten used to, because it used to be much classier.

Let's give Conan a chance, but I've already removed it from my DVR. The first three episodes were very disappointing and from now on, I'll view it online if I want to see how it's going.
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