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Fred (2008–2010)
Probably the most overrated series on YouTube. Why all the hype?
31 July 2009
I admit the first time I watched this series it was funny at first but then it started to feel bland and repetitive the second time round. I don't know how this series became among the top subscribed let alone the #1 subscribed on YouTube. If you want to find really good videos on YouTube don't always assume the top subscribed have the best videos because you'll soon realize that the number of subscribers someone has provides no indication whatsoever on how good their videos are especially when you look at this series, despite having the most subscribers it never was and never will be the best series on youtube and to be blunt some people with tons of subscribers might have crap videos whereas others with fewer subscribers may actually have far better videos, browse youtube and you'll see what I mean as you will probably come across much better videos from some users that aren't on the top subscribed. For over 1,000,000 subscribers this series really doesn't live up to the hype but yet it's viewers and subscribers continue to grow. It's understandable that people like this series but if this was made during the Golden Age of comedy it wouldn't have stood a chance as comedy is rarely as good as it used to be nowadays and even then most of the recent comedy is way funnier than this ever was. I used to regularly check back on this series to see if there's any improvement in the humour but sadly it falls flat and is only remotely funny because of the chipmunk voice which in itself is getting old too. This series is a disgrace to Monty Python and any other true comedy legends but to be fair it slides by. It was funny in it's own way but it pales in comparsion to *true comedy*. It used to make me laugh though, I'll admit but at least I can watch Monty Python sketches again and again and still laugh whereas this series is not in the least bit funny anymore :/ A lot of the hype if anything is mostly from fangirls who think Fred is cute and I don't even know where to begin on how retarded that is........ Though this series has probably opened doors for Lucas' career and I have to give him credit where it's due but it still doesn't make any sense why so many people stand in "awe" at this series and without doubt Hollywood is bound to cash in on this but then again some people in Hollywood are only to happy to cash in as long as they make lots of money from it whether it's good or crap. If you want to find one of the most overrated things in the world you've found it.

Overall an alright series but nothing special and proof that people need to look beyond what's in front of them to find better videos because youtube literally rubs our noses in videos from the top subscribed even if they aren't that great.
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