Interstate '82 (1999 Video Game)
Good story pity the gameplay was dumbed down :(
7 August 2009
I never really had the chance to complete it's predecessor but I did play the demo version of Intestate 76 which gave me an idea on what the damage was like in that as opposed to '82. This game lacked the detailed weapon and armour management in the original and the health of the vehicle was a health bar instead of the 76's armour/chassis strength system which meant damage wasn't as interesting and it was more like Twisted metal which is a shame as this game would've been better if they hadn't simplified it but it was still fun nonetheless. The storyline was very good and the cut scenes were great too and it was nice that it felt like the 80's with the music style. It's a shame that there will be no more Interstate games :( I would've loved another one of these games to come out with the classic style of gameplay in '76. Now to get the full version of Interstate'76 and complete it :) I can't really say which storyline is better out of this and '76 as I've never completed '76 before but I know '76 had better gameplay.

Overall: Good storyline but the game shouldn't have been simplified.
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