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Martyrs (2008)
There are not many movies like this one...
22 September 2009
First of all: This movie is sick, really sick! It is disgusting. To watch it from the disturbing beginning to the relieving ending was painful and i think the writer/director needs some serious counseling! BUT: It's also a stunning piece of art.

The fundamental questions are: What does the writer/director want to express with this movie? What are his intentions? And: Does anyone need a movie that shows us every detail of ruthless slaughter, torture, skinning, beating and killing?

The Answer is: I AM STILL NOT SURE!!! But this is perhaps the reason, why this movie is a piece of art, not often watched in todays cinema. This movie is thought-provoking. It doesn't send you home with a few nice laughs, a see-through story and it isn't entertainment.

This movie only cares for the victims. This is why i think that the violence depicted is necessary. It doesn't make you numb. It even sharpens your sensitivity and you suffer with the victims while watching it.

Here in Germany, last week a man was beaten to death in the subway by two teenagers. He came to help some kids, that were molested by the two teenagers. I think a movie like MARTYRS could show those sickos what they do to their victims. This is why I think, that e.g. KILL BILL could be more "dangerous" than MARTYRS. Tarantino's movies (which i also adore) always follow the "bad guys" and show them as heroes, while the victims die off-screen. They show that violence is cool and funny. MARTYRS shows that violence is disgusting and sick!
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