Hercules (1997)
Great film, not a good adaption of the original myths.
12 November 2009
Then again what did you expect from Disney? At the end of the day what happened in the original myths this was based on would not be appropriate for young children and naturally enough Disney would have to tone it down because there was no way they could include Hercules being conceived out of Zeus raping a mortal woman named Alcmene. When you watch it don't expect it to be a faithful adaption of the Hercules Myths as it's not directly based on them and has major changes such as Hades being a Villain as well as Pegasus meeting Hercules (whereas he didn't in the original Myths). At the end of the day this was made to appeal to Children too and let's not forget while The Black Cauldron was good it would barely appeal to any Children at all because of it's dark story and if this film had followed every last detail in the original Myths; it would only cause a large amount of controversy because Disney Films are expected to be suitable for young viewers as well as older viewers. Like most Disney films such as the lion king which is based on Hamlet; this is not by any means an original story but nevertheless it turned out great and does have a solid story that's suitable for older and younger viewers; give it a chance and if you can't tolerate it not being faithful to the original Myths do not watch it because it won't appeal to you. The music score in this film is great and it doesn't get much more epic than Hercules regaining his Godhood; the music at that point gave me chills; personally I don't really care for Disney Songs but the songs in this did prove to be quite enjoyable especially Go The Distance; another job well done by Disney.

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