Brilliant, absorbing film
29 July 2010
Warning: Spoilers
Didn't quite know what to expect with this, but came away pleasantly surprised. Actor Adrian Grenier has made a fascinating and thoroughly absorbing film where he follows Austin a young 13yr old paparazzi. The film follows Austin as he works the same way as his peers, he's out all hours trying to get that shot of Paris or Lindsey or Britney and Grenier is amazed by this and as a result wants to understand both Austin and paparazzi's alike. Why do they do what they do? Should celebrities have their every moment captured? If you want to be famous then you should be pleased people want to take your picture. These are the issues raised it seems mostly by the paparazzi themselves while the famous argue that having a camera shoved in your face when you leave the supermarket violates them. Perhaps both sides of the argument have a point. Yet it is disturbing to see 20 odd people scramble over themselves to get a shot of someone in a car.

Issues about the publics love of fame and gossip, of the media's role are all raised with both sides of the argument. Celebrities and paparazzi talk about their feelings and then we have Austin. He is a just 13, yet home schooled which means he can spend all the rest of his time taking photos. Because he is young he is accecpted by his peers and celebrates find him adorable, but as the film progresses, so does his own fame and suddenly he becomes the center of attention. The film offers many parallels: Grenier himself plays an actor who hits the bigtime, rather like in real life: He also becomes a paparzzi and at one point realises as he tries to get hold of Austin that he is like the paparazii stalking celebrates.

It makes for a enagaing film, often funny, often just plain shocking and because it presents every aspect of the story well, it provides the audience with a full insight into a fascinating world. Grenier is a charismatic host throughout the film and has made a excellent film.
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