Toy Story Rip Off? Yeah right......
26 February 2011
Looking at some of the reviews here I couldn't help noticing people comparing this to Toy Story. Toy Story while well known for living toys was not the first to explore the concept; things like Bagpuss and the secret life of toys spring to mind and both series came out before Toy Story and might I add Bagpuss came out in the 70's at least 20 years before it. People really need to get their facts right.

Ah and then we get to not being entirely faithful to Romeo and Julliet. So what; did it not occur to some of these people that it's clearly targeted for kids? The lion king was based on Hamlet and we all know it's very different from it's source material and if it can prove to be enjoyable then why not this? People really need to lighten up; like the lion king it's more less a kid friendly take on a well known Shakespeare play. If people want to be critical of this not being faithful to it's source then the lion king doesn't deserve to be successful either; the truth hurts more than a lie but someone has to say something about people constantly jabbing this for being different from the original Romeo and Julliet. I don't have anything against the lion king as I have fond memories of it from childhood but it's a wonder how it never got the same lashing for not being completely faithful to Hamlet with these sort of people around. Anyway staying on subject what odds if this isn't entirelly faithful to Romeo and Julliet there's already adaptions that exist that are completely faithful to this well known story anyway :)

This film is underrated if you ask me; it definitely succeeds in entertaining it's target audience and has a lot of good laughs on the way; my younger cousins loved it and even I laughed too; one particular scene I really liked was when Julliet said "Swim away be free" to a clay fish and then when she puts it into the water it just sinks to the bottom :) People whine far too much these days it's no wonder making a film is a lot harder than it was back then and I can't help but feel a lot of things that are considered classics would be nowhere near as successful if they were released in this day and age.
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