Review of Spooks

Spooks (2002–2011)
Fun, stylish and paranoid.
19 March 2011
Warning: Spoilers
Caught the series 7 (dealing with FSB and traitors). Professionally done, nicely played, sloppily written - still a lot of fun to watch. A network of sleeper agents in Britain, heavily armed Russians in London hunting MI5 operatives in the streets of the capital - if you, like me, remember the ages of the Cold War - this will be a interesting experience. The story of the season's finale is not original: it reminds the 1977 Don Siegel's Telefon with Charles Bronson (without the mind control, mind that). However horribly inept Russians with golden crucifixes speaking horrible Russian wanting to destroy England aplenty! If you catch it on the telly - do not miss.
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