Convoluted and confused assemblage of found 'footage'
26 October 2011
So Mr. Scorsese gets hired to do 'the' documentary on George Harrison a man with an extremely interesting and complex personality. What comes out of that is an utterly confusing miss-mash of footage that seems to have been (pre) selected George Harrison's wife, some interviews that are mostly empty and pretty boring, and some historical footage. There is no 'story' told here. I'm pretty well versed with the Beatles and with George Harrison's history and got lost a number of times because of unexplained time jumps and folks showing up of which we don't know their names or why they even show up.

What the hell is it with Terry Gilliam and his cohorts that they're worth 10 minutes of bla-bla that has nothing to do with George. Friends of Mr. Scorsese?

Who managed to 'direct' those immensely empty interviews? You've got Geroge's son and that's what Mr. Scorsese got out of him? Absolutely uninteresting crumbles of thoughts.

Who hired those talented 'cinematographers' who managed to photograph all those persons in the most boring surroundings with the fugliest lighting imaginable?

Why would not one try to shed some light unto the discrepancy between George's 'my sweet lord' holiness and his constant drug (ab)use? Anything, just anything that would make one get closer to his soul and his character?

And on and on - it's a terribly missed opportunity but I'm sure Mr. Scorsese was well paid for this hack job.

Resume: some interesting historical footage - but all in all 'uninspired' to say it in a kind way.
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