feels real
4 October 2012
I have seen this movie at Munich Filmfest this year and it was by far the best movie I have seen in years. It's so simple but at the same time so very captivating. The dialogs are very natural. It's a few months ago since I saw the movie but I still remember this dialog about the table Erin got rid of after they had broken up. Warren answers "I will built you a new one." That's so simple but it says so much. Apart from the wonderful acting and dialogs the cinematography is really outstanding. I still recall one scene where Erin and Warren drive along a mountain road. The camera stays on the back seat while a beautiful landscape passes by and the couple has a casual conversation. At some point this conversation escalates to a passive aggressive fight. Warren gets so upset that he rushes to some lookout point along the road and gets out of the car. The camera stays on the back seat. This is all filmed in one long shot. For me watching this scene felt like being a part of it, like as if I had really been sitting on that back seat of the car. This is a very small movie and it's probably not easy to find a theater that shows it. However, if you get the opportunity then you should really take it and watch this outstanding movie.
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