Review of Carlotta

Carlotta (2014 TV Movie)
Truly amazing, brilliant and inspiring
19 June 2014
Carlotta is the story of Richard Byron a young boy first played by Kai Lewins (definitely one to look out for) who was never like the other boys who he preferred dressing up in his mother's clothes, makeup and jewellery and had a unhappy childhood as he was psychically abused by his stepfather and so from the age of 16 now the role taken over by Jessica Marais moves to Kings Cross to work in a department store where meets Ava/Danny (Eamon Farren) and Christopher (Socratis Otto) who take Richard under their wing and introduce him to the world of drag and cabaret shows. Alex Dimitriades is brilliant as ever as Ava's abusive boyfriend Angelo, Anita Heigh is exceptional as Richard/Carol's mother who is a victim in a loveless marriage and Ryan Johnson is amazing the love of Carol's life Peter who loves her for she is a person. Overall the movie is an A grade production with the whole cast, amazing costumes and thank you director Samantha Lang and writer David Hanam and Carlotta for bringing this to the screen.
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