Unfriended (2014)
DHKR: Unfriended- "Skype-net Demon"
12 May 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Unfriended isn't about killing your most hated adversaries over a ghost-possessed computer programming. It is, however, about a possessed computer screen killing the most idiotic and despicable people in the worst ways possible, so that warrants a recommendation in my book.

The story is rather simple; on the anniversary of a bully's death, four to five of the most disgusting teen "bros" and the sort get up on Skype doing Christ knows what you do on the Skype before the Skype starts to not act like the Skype. Did I mention Skype is in this film? 'Cause it is. Anyway, the ghost of the bully posses the internet and instead of ruining the lives abroad and giving Miguel Arteta and Lily James the glorious TMZing of their life, she instead just goes and psychologically tortures each worthless waste of life one by one.

What makes the film a lot better than most of the watered down Found Footage films is that both A) Each of the human protagonists being assaulted by the ghost of 17-year old Skynet girl is a no-good scumbag you actually want to see perish in the worst way possible, and B) The film's central theme of cyber bullying being a harsh evil of our own making gives this a terrifying feel that seems oh so close to feeling real. If not, well, the ghostly Skynet girl part of it.

Well, those of you who only want to see the film for reason A) will be glad because the film certainly delivers in that. However, I appreciate an actual moral that genuinely feels scary, much like those old PSAs about drugs, nukes, and texting while driving. And the fact that our killer ghost is hidden behind the veil of an anonymous user with a generic, imageless face hammers in a real dreadful sense, stating that anyone can do this, anyone can cyber bully and anyone can turn your life upside down.

However, near the end, where we're losing the amount of people to kill, the story noticeably sinks into oblivion and becomes "just another Found Footage Horror film." Complete with a liar's subplot and an ending that, while I'm trying not to spoil it, ruins the message and any sense of dread. So, if you want to watch Unfriended, be sure to either the leave the theatre near the end or push pause on the DVD remote before turning the DVD player off.

Final Results: 2 and a Half Stars- C-Ranking
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