Punch Drunks reloaded
2 February 2016
Warning: Spoilers
"Grips, Grunts and Groans" is one of the more famous "Three Stooges" short films. As usual, it runs for slightly under 20 minutes, is in black-and-white and was directed by the prolific Jack White. This one is not from the very early days of the trio, but also far from their later works. It is also not yet World War II, so this one has no political references. Instead, it is basically a poor man's version of their short film "Punch Drunks" from three years earlier. Curly (easily the biggest star of the trio at this point) is back in the ring, but Larry is not playing the violin this time, and they gang runs into a bunch of professional criminals, probably mobsters. The girls are missing in this one here though, if we don't count the woman at the ring who is a true game changer for Curly. Unfortunately, the humour and comedy in here is not a game changer for the audiences. Not among my favorite Stooges films. Thumbs down.
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