Review of Friends

Friends (1994–2004)
Best Sitcom Ever
6 October 2016
I used to see people talking about Friends all the time but I never got the chance to watch it. One day I was bored as hell so I searched some funny moments of friends and next thing I was watching the first season. More I watched more I fall in love with their chemistry, comedy . Now I am mad about Friends and I know that I will be watching this again and again for the long time.

All episodes are best but I will not watch the last 2 episodes ever because they make me sad to see they are drifting a part. I wish they have shown a clip of them hanging out again with their children and having same fun at the end. Joey doing what he does best chandler throwing his best sarcastic jokes.

However I love friends, My favorites T.V series spot has been filled I am sure that it will never be Replaced.
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