Chris "the interrupter" Mathews
24 March 2017
Warning: Spoilers
I really like Hardball with Chris Mathews but I can not watch it because of the number of times Chris interrupts his guest. One night he was talking to a female guest and he said he would not interrupt women. He then ask the female guest a question and immediately interrupted her. I would like to know how many times per episode does he interrupt his guest. I am guessing it has to be close to two dozen times per episode. The main reason I watch the show (when I do not get to aggravated with his interrupting) is to hear what the guest have to say. However, invariably I can not hear the guest finish a thought because of Chris "the interrupter" Mathews interrupting the guest. Usually I am good for about four or five times of his interrupting after which I just watch something else. This man is just so very rude!!!
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