Quantum Apocalypse (2010 TV Movie)
Quantum Apocalypse: Pretty damn terrible scyfy nonsense
17 August 2017
Scyfy originals are never going to meet critical acclaim but often they hold a certain charm about them that makes them watchable in that dumb viewing type of way.

Sadly Quantum Apocalypse doesn't have that charm and is one of their many many many many meteor apocalypse films and when you've seen one you've officially seen them all.

Containing that common scyfy original side plot about a step parent and resentful step child I do question why we see this so often.

Credit however where credit is due, many of the cast are quite competent including the highly underused Gigi "Farscape" Edgley and Rhett Giles who puts in a career best performance as an autistic.

Make no mistake they don't make up for this embarrassing clichéd mess but they do bring levity to what could have been one of the scyfy channels worst if they weren't present.

The Good: Gigi Edgley Usual Scyfy pseudo science

The Bad: Usual Scyfy pseudo science


Offensively recycled and unoriginal

Dumb ending

Things I learnt from this movie:

Gigi Edgley needs to pick her roles better
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