The Oscars (2018 TV Special)
The shape of things to come
5 March 2018
Jimmy Kimmel made a knowing joke that hopefully there would be no Waterhouse scandal this year as he once again invited Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway to name the Best Picture winner.

Guillermo del Toro asked Warren Beatty if he could check the envelope, took a peek and then turned to the audience and nodded yes. Wonderful.

The awards were nicely spread around this year. There was sentimentality with James Ivory winning his first Oscar at almost the age of 90. Roger Deakins won an Oscar at his 14th attempt. He rightly got a standing ovation.

Keala Settle gave a barnstorming performance with This is Me from the The Greatest Showman.

After the Harvey Weinstein scandal there were comments made for girl power specifically by Frances McDormand, however the greatest interest was who was going to win the jet ski for the shortest speech!
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