High Fidelity (2000)
One Of The Best Comedies Of The 21th Century
26 March 2019
Perhaps the ultimate romantic comedy for nerds of any kind. The film features whip-smart, often outrageously funny dialog, fantastic performances - especially by John Cusack - and it serves as a loving homage to nerd culture as well as a clever comment on male life and the male perspective on relationships with women. It's beautifully directed, and there is simply not a single line wasted in the film; it's one of those movies that are instantly destined for cult status, because it seems to resonate with anyone who is deeply immersed in - and passionate about - pop culture (in other words: nerds like me ;-). Certainly one of the best comedies of 21th century and one of my favorite films of the last two decades. 9 Stars out of 10.

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