Simplified view of globalisation
18 November 2019
Warning: Spoilers
This pamphlet-like movie denounces the massive trade imbalance between China and the western developed countries and the consequences for ordinary people trying to make a decent living in the US. The over-the-top graphics showing China as an aggressor don't do it any favors though. A more sober approach would have given a bit more credibility to what is said about their export methods.

The complexity of the issue is glossed over unfortunately by the limits of an hour and a half format that was chosen. This deserves a whole series of docs going over the history of capitalism and globalisation since the 1960s at least. Multinationals delocalising manufacturing to cheaper places is nothing new but has taken on huge proportions because of the sheer size of China and its large population.

This pamphlet also reminds us that americans and europeans are living above their means and consume too much without thinking about where things are made and the jobs that are behind them. There is a market for locally manufactured goods in the US and Europe and some have the courage to recreate what was destroyed and we discover that they are often no more expensive than the delocalised big brand names that they compete with, proof that it is only maximum profits at any cost that is driving this undesirable evolution. There sometimes still is a choice, you have to look for it. The solution is clear and mentioned in this doc : balanced, fair trade.

Only those cruising on dim or who are profiting from underhanded low-quality imports hate this documentary. The US made a lot of its great products itself before, it can do it again. The consumer just needs to be educated about his responsibilities. Free trade should be encouraged but it is not an end in itself, especially if it benefits only a privileged few!

Definitely worth watching.
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