Creed II (2018)
Cliched Craparama
14 December 2019
I like Rocky as much as anyone, but this movie shows that it's time to hang this series up.

I doubt this film could have been more cliche-ridden and predictable. Every overused piece of nonsense is here - the big comeback, talking to graves, the baby, the harsh tragedy, the doubt, the seemingly unstoppable opponent, the reconciliation, heck the movie still does that "shaky camera" thing that should never be used again.

The entire film is just so forced and by-the-numbers. At best, this is a cheesy TV-movie. There are even countless laughable lines that seem like they are there just so they can be used in internet memes.

Even the big battle in Russia seems so rushed and fake (well, CGI FX go a long way now, crowd and all), it has zero emotional impact. In fact, absolutely none of these actors in the film make you care about their characters because they simply cannot act, Michael B. Jordan right at the top of that list.

Everyone just sleepwalks through their roles, including Stallone, who frankly can barely be understood when he speaks anymore. But hey, put on the hat and bounce that ball.

The only reason whatsoever to even consider watching this is to see Dolph Lundgren return as Ivan Drago. Unfortunately, he isn't given much to do except keep saying quick soundbites like "take him down" to his son. Frankly, Drago's story was a sad one, and he's the only character I really gave a darn about in the entire film. It was also cool to see Brigitte Nielsen make an appearance.

So see this for Dolph Lundgren if for any reason because this film is a joke.
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