Hot girls but not much else
13 January 2020
Thank goodness this slop was only an hour or so long! The funny thing is, the main plot of "Ghost of Dragstrip Hollow" doesn't even begin until about the last quarter of the movie, when the kids in a car club use an old lady's haunted mansion for headquarters. The rest of the time prior is just a lot of dancing, the rock band playing, very loose time-filling dialogue and one race at the start of the movie which is actually ok.

One of the girls is a hotrodder who also loves working on her own car, and she is super-hot. Her dad hilariously trades barbs with her and others, spies on her as she's kissing boys, and waits for the bathroom while his daughter has her slumber party, conveniently getting a nice view of girls in their nighties. Her mom is a "cool mom" who likes all the kids and who is a looker herself.

There's an older guy writing a hot rod story for a magazine who befriends the club who really seems to be there because the writers couldn't come up with anything else, and some rival rodders who left the club because of new "rules" who keep causing very minor trouble. But the main thing is there are a bunch of very sexy 50s gals here, including our star mechanic and a tall babe with glasses who is a knockout.

Drag racing legend Tommy Ivo even makes the scene, so that's a big plus as well. The "spook party" at the end is fun, and the whole film has a lot of nonsensical things happen, but it's all a goofy, fun mess. More than likely you won't watch it twice (except for the chicks possibly), but it's good for an hour to kill.

And oh yeah, the old bitty has a parrot that keeps making wisecracks, and he gets real annoying real fast.
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