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1. Antonio De Lima

Actor | This Is Us

Antonio De Lima is an actor born and raised in Peru. From an early age he displayed a heavy inclination towards the arts, participating in plays, and attending the prestigious Collegium Musicum, where he learned to sing and play the piano and the flute. He was also a member of the Lima Boy's Choir....

2. Ashley Hayes

Actress | Magic Mike

Ashley Hayes was raised in Bentonville, Arkansas where she competed as a gymnast from an early age. Venturing further into the world of athletics, she went on to join her high school volleyball and softball teams, even earning a scholarship to play softball at university. Upon moving to Los Angeles...

3. Eric Matuschek

Stunts | Transformers

Eric Matuschek is originally from Ohio and has doubled some famous actors such as: Colin Farrell and Rob Lowe, etc... He has worked in the industry as a Stunt Coordinator/Stunt Driver/Stuntman for 20 plus years. His special stunt skills include: High Falls/Stair Falls, Fight Scenes, Car Crashes/...

4. Lilia Vassileva

Actress | Chicago P.D.

Lilia is a seasoned theater actor in New York, building her film and TV career in both New York and LA. Born in Bulgaria, raised in Nigeria, and finally settled in the US, her look is young, but her work is mature and deep.Trained by master teachers like Bill Esper and Patsy Rodenburg and having ...

5. Louis Stannard

Writer | China Diaries

After studying Aeronautical Engineering at the University of Illinois, LOUIS STANNARD graduated a distinguished graduate from Air Force pilot training. While in the Air Force, Captain Stannard served in the Military Air Transport Command, Headquarters USAF Europe, and the Presidential Support ...

6. Melendy Britt

Actress | The Secret of the Sword

Melendy Britt is an American actress active in television and voice acting since the 1970s. Her most notable animated work is for Filmation, voicing characters such as She-Ra, and the second animated Batgirl (Jane Webb was the first). She also provided the voice for Penny, would-be love interest ...

7. Tammy Klein

Actress | Sinister Minister

Tammy Klein is a Multi-Hyphenate: Actress, Screenwriter, Voice Over Artist, Sound Editor, Visual Effects Artist and Technical Adviser. Tammy's appeared in numerous print ads, commercials, TV shows and independent films. Because of her education, training and employment as a crime scene investigator...

7 names.

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