Birth Date between 1930-01-01 and 1930-12-31 (Sorted by Death Date Ascending)

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1. Charles Lindbergh Jr.

Charles Lindbergh Jr. was born on June 22, 1930 as Charles Augustus Lindbergh Jr. He died on March 1, 1932 in Hopewell, New Jersey, USA.

2. Little Peters

La grande illusion

Little Peters was born on January 1, 1930. She was an actress, known for Grand Illusion (1937). She died on May 15, 1937.

3. Arthur Fritz Eugens

Actor | Feinde

Arthur Fritz Eugens was born on October 31, 1930. He was an actor, known for Enemies (1940), Patriots (1937) and Irrtum des Herzens (1939). He died on January 18, 1944 in Dahmsdorf, Müncheberg, Brandenburg, Germany.

4. Borek Lipský

Actor | Kluci na rece

Borek Lipský was born on December 22, 1930 in Pelhrimov, Czechoslovakia. He was an actor, known for Kluci na rece (1944). He died on July 27, 1947 in Pelhrimov.

5. Edward Devlin

Edward Devlin was born in 1930 in South Shields, County Durham, England. He died on April 25, 1952 in Walton, Liverpool, England.

6. Robert Francis

Actor | The Caine Mutiny

Relatively new to Hollywood, Robert Francis, 25, was a rising young actor on the verge of film stardom, when on 31 July, 1955, he, along with a friend, actress Ann Russell, were both killed instantly, after private plane owned by Joe Kirkwood Jr. which he was piloting, crashed. The plane had just ...

7. Lola D'Annunzio

Actress | The Wrong Man

Lola D'Annunzio was born in 1930 in the USA. She was an actress, known for The Wrong Man (1956). She died on June 2, 1956 in Meade, Kansas, USA.

8. Clifford Brown

Soundtrack | Fallen Angels

Clifford Brown was born on October 30, 1930 in Wilmington, Delaware, USA. He was married to LaRue Anderson. He died on June 26, 1956 in Pennsylvania, USA.

9. Eugenio Castellotti

Self | Formula 1

Eugenio Castellotti was born on October 10, 1930 in Lodi, Lombardy, Italy. He died on March 14, 1957 in Modena, Emilia-Romagna, Italy.

10. Imre Soós

Actor | Lúdas Matyi

Imre Soós was born on February 12, 1930 in Balmazújváros, Hungary. He was an actor, known for Goose Boy (1950), Dalolva szép az élet (1950) and A 9-es kórterem (1955). He died on June 20, 1957 in Budapest, Hungary.

11. Nicole Ladmiral

Actress | Journal d'un curé de campagne

Nicole Ladmiral was born on January 16, 1930 in Paris, France. She was an actress, known for Diary of a Country Priest (1951) and Blood of the Beasts (1949). She died on April 12, 1958 in Paris.

12. Stuart Lewis-Evans

Self | Formula 1

Stuart Lewis-Evans was born on April 20, 1930 in Luton, Bedfordshire, England. He died on October 25, 1958 in East Grinstead, Sussex, England.

13. Charlie DiGiovanna

Self | What's My Line?

Charlie DiGiovanna was born on September 13, 1930 in New York, USA. He was married to Shirley. He died on December 28, 1958 in Long Beach, California, USA.

14. Julka Staric

Actress | Trenutki odlocitve

Julka Staric was born on January 11, 1930 in Mojstrana, Slovenia. She was an actress, known for Moments of Decision (1955) and Three Stories (1955). She died on January 24, 1959 in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

15. The Big Bopper

Soundtrack | True Romance

The Big Bopper was born on October 24, 1930 in Sabine Pass, Texas, USA as Jiles Perry Richardson Jr. He was married to Adrianne Joy Fryon. He died on February 3, 1959 in Clear Lake, Iowa, USA.

16. Voyt Williams Jr.

Tomorrow, the World!

Voyt Williams Jr. was born on December 11, 1930 in Dallas, Texas, USA. He was an actor, known for Tomorrow, the World! (1944), This Woman Is Mine (1941) and Henry Aldrich, Boy Scout (1944). He died on August 27, 1959.

17. Dolores Durán

Actress | Quem Sabe, Sabe!

Dolores Durán was born on June 7, 1930 in Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil as Adiléia da Silva Rocha. She was married to Macedo Neto. She died on October 24, 1959 in Rio de Janeiro.

18. Van Streeter


James E. Streeter was a native of Wichita Kansas, where he got his start playing tenor sax in Lloyd Hunter's territory band. Bandleader Johnny Otis took Streeter to Los Angeles in 1944. Enamored of director-actor Erich von Stroheim, Streeter billed himself as Von Streeter or James Von Streeter. In ...

19. Florita Romero

Actress | The Adventures of Jim Bowie

Florita Romero was born on December 21, 1930 in Ventura County, California, USA as Florita McAllister. She was an actress, known for The Adventures of Jim Bowie (1956). She died on February 6, 1961 in Hollywood, California.

20. John William Anglin

John William Anglin was born on May 2, 1930 in Donaldsonville, Georgia, USA. He died on June 11, 1962 in Alcatraz Island, San Francisco, California, USA.

21. Marcia Hathaway

Actress | Shadow of the Boomerang

Marcia Hathaway was born on February 8, 1930 in Milsons Point, New South Wales, Australia as Marcia Nellie Hathaway. She was an actress, known for Shadow of the Boomerang (1960) and Harlequinade (1961). She died on January 28, 1963 in Sydney, New South Wales.

22. Jimmy Pardue

Self | ABC's Wide World of Sports

Jimmy Pardue was born on October 26, 1930 in North Wilkesboro, North Carolina, USA. He died on September 22, 1964 in Concord, North Carolina.

23. Annalisa Wenström

Actress | Laila

Annalisa Wenström was born on June 6, 1930 in Vimmerby, Kalmar län, Sweden. She was an actress, known for Make Way for Lila (1958). She died on September 28, 1964 in Råsunda, Stockholms län, Sweden.

24. Kate Manx

Actress | Hero's Island

Kate Manx was born on October 19, 1930 in Akron, Ohio, USA as Kathrynne B. Mylroie. She was an actress, known for Hero's Island (1962), Private Property (1960) and Perry Mason (1957). She was married to Leslie Stevens and Anthony Brady Farrell. She died on November 15, 1964 in Torrance, California,...

25. Billy Wade

Self | ABC's Wide World of Sports

Billy Wade was born on February 28, 1930 in Newton, Texas, USA as Billy Drew Wade. He died on January 5, 1965 in Daytona Beach, Florida, USA.

26. Lorraine Hansberry

Writer | A Raisin in the Sun

Lorraine Hansberry was born on May 19, 1930 in Chicago, Illinois, USA as Lorraine Vivian Hansberry. She was a writer, known for A Raisin in the Sun (1961), American Playhouse (1981) and Camera Three (1955). She was married to Robert Nemiroff. She died on January 12, 1965 in New York City, New York,...

27. Geeta Bali

Actress | Albela

Geeta Bali was born in 1930 in Sargodha, Punjab, British India as Harikirtan Kaur. She was an actress, known for Albela (1951), Dulari (1949) and Baaz (1953). She was married to Shammi Kapoor. She died on January 21, 1965 in Bombay, Maharashtra, India.

28. Edson França

Actor | Virou Bagunça

Edson França was born on March 14, 1930 in Natal, Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil as Edson Reis de França. He was an actor, known for Virou Bagunça (1960), A Morte Comanda o Cangaço (1960) and Rio Fantasia (1956). He died on April 15, 1965 in Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

29. Lisa Howard

Actress | Space Patrol

Lisa Howard was born on April 24, 1930 in Cambridge, Ohio, USA as Dorothy Jean Guggenheim. She was an actress, known for Space Patrol (1950), Man Against Crime (1949) and The Edge of Night (1956). She was married to Walter Lowendahl and Felix E. Feist. She died on July 4, 1965 in East Hampton, Long...

31. Ruth-Maria Kemper

Actress | Steinzeitballade

Ruth-Maria Kemper was born on December 6, 1930 in Dortmund, Germany. She was an actress, known for Steinzeitballade (1961), Füchsin und Biber (1963) and Blaulicht (1959). She died on September 29, 1965 in East Berlin, East Germany.

32. Jane Strangis

Around the World in 80 Days

Jane Strangis was born on October 16, 1930 in California, USA. She was an actress, known for Around the World in 80 Days (1956), Man of a Thousand Faces (1957) and The Spike Jones Show (1957). She died on January 25, 1966 in Los Angeles, California.

33. Pannalal Bhattacharya

Music Department | Sharey Chuattar

Younger brother of Late Dhananjoy Bhattacharya.

34. Marjie Millar

Actress | Money from Home

Marjie Millar was born on August 10, 1930 in Tacoma, Washington, USA as Marjorie Joy Miller. She was an actress, known for Money from Home (1953), About Mrs. Leslie (1954) and When Gangland Strikes (1956). She was married to Charles Candoo, John Dennis McCallum, John Florea and James Sidney Rollins...

35. Fritz Wunderlich

Soundtrack | Marathon Man

Fritz Wunderlich was born on September 26, 1930 in Kusel, Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany as Friedrich Karl Otto Wunderlich. He was an actor, known for Marathon Man (1976), Der Barbier von Sevilla (1959) and Eugen Onegin (1963). He was married to Eva Wunderlich. He died on September 17, 1966 in ...

36. Evelyne Rey

Actress | Ça va barder

Evelyne Rey was born on July 9, 1930 in Bois-Colombes, Hauts-de-Seine, France. She was an actress and director, known for Ça va barder (1955), Bob le Flambeur (1956) and M'sieur la Caille (1955). She died on November 19, 1966.

37. Edward H. White II

Self | The Four Days of Gemini 4

Edward H. White II was born on November 14, 1930 in San Antonio, Texas, USA as Edward Higgins White II. He was married to Patricia Eileen Finegan. He died on January 27, 1967 in Cape Kennedy, Florida, USA.

38. Rudy Liberace

Self | The Liberace Show

Rudy Liberace was born on June 29, 1930 in West Allis, Wisconsin, USA as Rudolph Louis Liberace. He was married to Isabel Liberace. He died on April 30, 1967 in Culver City, California, USA.

39. Ted Yates

Producer | America, the Beautiful

At the time of his death-- killed by gunfire while covering the Six Day War in the Middle East in 1967-- Ted Yates was among the most honored and respected of television's news documentary filmmakers. He was known as a tenacious reporter and producer who had produced seminal documentary films for ...

40. Willy Lateste

Animation Department | Astérix le Gaulois

41. Jeanne Barr

Actress | Long Day's Journey Into Night

Jeanne Barr was born in 1930 in New York City, New York, USA. She was an actress, known for Long Day's Journey Into Night (1962) and The Doctors and the Nurses (1962). She died on August 10, 1967 in New York City.

42. Bun Lam

Actor | Hua shen qing ren

Bun Lam was born in 1930 in Hong Kong. He was an actor, known for Hua shen qing ren (1965), San lun che fu zhi lian (1959) and Tian ya fang cao (1966). He died on August 24, 1967 in Hong Kong.

43. Jean Falloux

Camera Department | La tête du client

Jean Falloux was born on October 7, 1930 in Saumur, Maine-et-Loire, France as Jean-Marie Falloux. He is known for his work on La tête du client (1965), The Last Adventure (1967) and The Golden Claws of the Cat Girl (1968). He was married to Anne-Marie Peysson. He died on September 2, 1967 in ...

44. Djordje Jolic

Cinematographer | Nosac

45. Little Walter

Soundtrack | Lone Star

Little Walter was born on May 1, 1930 in Markville, Louisiana, USA as Marion Walter Jacobs. He died on February 15, 1968 in Chicago, Illinois, USA.

46. Unto Mononen

Soundtrack | Tulitikkutehtaan tyttö

Unto Mononen was born on October 23, 1930 in Muolaa, Finland. He died on June 28, 1968 in Somero, Finland.

47. Antonio Cifariello

Actor | In Search of the Castaways

Antonio Cifariello was born on May 19, 1930 in Naples, Campania, Italy. He was an actor, known for In Search of the Castaways (1962), Le ragazze di San Frediano (1955) and Le avventure di Nicola Nickleby (1958). He was married to Patrizia Della Rovere. He died on December 12, 1968 in Lusaka, Zambia.

48. Vincenzo Musolino

Writer | Perché uccidi ancora

Vincenzo Musolino was born on May 9, 1930 in Benestare, Calabria, Italy. He was an actor and writer, known for Blood at Sundown (1965), May God Forgive You... But I Won't (1968) and Quintana: Dead or Alive (1969). He died on May 9, 1969 in Rome, Lazio, Italy.

49. Rosemary LaBianca

Rosemary LaBianca was born on December 15, 1930 in Mexico as Ruth Katherine Elliott. She was married to Leno LaBianca and Frank Struthers. She died on August 10, 1969 in Los Angeles, California, USA.

50. Will Steven Armstrong

Art Department | The Three Sisters

Father: William Steven Armstrong; Mother: Aurelie Harriet Lawrason.

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