Date of Death between 1914-01-01 and 1914-12-31 (Sorted by Popularity Ascending)

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1. Ambrose Bierce

Writer | The Twilight Zone

Exact date and place of death never determined.

2. George Westinghouse

George Westinghouse was born on October 6, 1846 in Central Bridge, New York, USA. He was married to Marguerite Erskine Walker. He died on March 12, 1914 in New York City, New York.

3. Johann Schwarzer

Director | Zimmer zu Vermieten

After 1910 he concentrated to his career as a photographer again.

5. Archduke Franz Ferdinand

Self | Pathé's Weekly, No. 29

Born on December 18, 1863, the eldest son of Archduke Karl-Ludwig von Habsburg and his wife, Princess Annunziata di Borbone, Franz Ferdinand was third in line to the thrown of the Austro-Hungarian Empire upon his birth. After his cousin Crown Prince Rudolf committed suicide in 1889 and his father ...

6. Stellan Rye

Director | Der Flug in die Sonne

Stellan Rye was born on July 4, 1880 in Randers, Denmark. He was a director and writer, known for Der Flug in die Sonne (1914), Ein Sommernachtstraum in unserer Zeit (1914) and Die goldene Fliege (1914). He died on November 14, 1914 in France.

7. McKee Rankin

Writer | The Danites

Father: Arthur Rankin; Mother: Mary Theresa McKee.

8. Rube Waddell

Self | Rube Waddell and the Champions Playing Ball with the Boston Team

Rube Waddell was born on October 13, 1876 in Bradford, Pennsylvania, USA as George Edward Waddell. He was married to Madge Maguire, May Wynne Skinner and Florence Dunning. He died on April 1, 1914 in San Antonio, Texas, USA.

9. Grace McHugh

Actress | Across the Border

Grace McHugh was born in 1898 in Golden, Colorado, USA. She was an actress, known for Across the Border (1914). She died on July 1, 1914.

11. Alain-Fournier

Writer | Le grand Meaulnes

His body was not identified until 1991, when it was laid to rest at Saint-Rémy-la-Calonne, Meuse, Lorraine, France

12. Frederick Bond

According to George B. Bryan's _Stage Deaths,_ Mr. Bond's birth name was Frederic Drew.

13. Bertha von Suttner

Writer | Die Waffen nieder!

Bertha von Suttner was born on June 9, 1843 in Prague, Bohemia, Austrian Empire as Bertha Sophia Felicita Gräfin Kinsky von Wchinitz und Tettau. She was a writer, known for Die Waffen nieder! (2014) and Down with Weapons (1914). She was married to Arthur Gundaccar von Suttner. She died on June 21, ...

15. Duchess Sophie von Hohenberg

Duchess Sophie von Hohenberg was born on March 1, 1868 in Stuttgart, Germany as Countess Sofia Maria Josefína Albína Chotková z Chotkowa a Wognina. She was married to Archduke Franz Ferdinand. She died on June 28, 1914 in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

16. Vernona Jarbeau

Self | Vernona Jarbeau

Vernona Jarbeau was born in 1858 in New York, New York, USA. She was married to Jefferson Davis Bernstein. She died on October 16, 1914 in Nanuet, New York.

18. Edwin Barbour

Writer | Northern Lights

Edwin Barbour was born as Edwin Wilbur Barbour. He was an actor and writer, known for Northern Lights (1914), The Fire Patrol (1924) and When the Earth Trembled (1913). He died on September 14, 1914 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA.

20. Addie Dunant

Actress | David Harum

Addie Dunant was born in April 1863 in Washington County, New York, USA as Julia A. Dunant. She was an actress, known for David Harum (1915). She was married to Charles Eldridge. She died on August 20, 1914 in Brooklyn, New York.

21. Mrs. Sidney Drew

Writer | Thou Art the Man

American stage actress and playwright Gladys Rankin was the first wife of noted actor-director Sidney Drew. The daughter of producer McKee Rankin, she wrote plays and stories under the masculine pseudonym George Cameron. Her marriage to Sidney Drew drew her into an artistic partnership with him as ...

23. Ellen Axson Wilson

Self | Mutual Weekly, No. 85

Ellen Axson Wilson was born on May 15, 1860 in Savannah, Georgia, USA. She was married to Woodrow Wilson. She died on August 6, 1914 in Washington, District of Columbia, USA.

24. Wordsworth Donisthorpe

Director | London's Trafalgar Square

Wordsworth Donisthorpe was an English individual anarchist, an inventor and cinematography pioneer, and chess enthusiast (he was the co-founder of the British Chess Association and British Chess Club in 1885). He is chiefly remembered today for his film experiment of Trafalgar Square. Donisthorpe's...

26. Benjamin Franklin Keith

Self | Mr. B.F. Keith

The theater-owner Benjamin Franklin Keith was born in Hillsboro Bridge (Hillsborough), New Hampshire on January 26, 1846. He is the theatrical impresario generally credited with the creation of vaudeville in America, which evolved out of variety theater. The theatrical empire he helped build became...

27. Owen Carter

Cinematographer | The Range War

Accident while filming; he drowned trying to save Grace McHugh.

29. Flora Foster

Actress | David Copperfield

Flora Foster was born on March 4, 1898 in Boston, Massachusetts, USA as Flora Louise. Foster. She was an actress, known for David Copperfield (1911). She died on September 21, 1914 in Chicago, Illinois, USA.

30. Victor Arnold

Actor | Die Firma heiratet

Victor Arnold was born on October 9, 1873 in Wien, Austria. He was an actor, known for The Perfect Thirty-Six (1914), Sumurûn (1910) and A Venetian Night (1914). He died on October 16, 1914 in Dresden, Germany.

32. Pope Pius X

Self | Sua Santità Pio X e le grandi feste cattoliche a Roma

Pope Pius X was born on June 2, 1835 in Riese, Treviso, Lombardy-Venetia, Austrian Empire as Giuseppe Melchiorre Sarto. He died on August 20, 1914 in Vatican City.

34. John Tenniel

Art Department | Jackanory

35. Paul Heyse

Writer | Your Favorite Story

German novelist and playwright who in 1910 was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature.

36. Gilbert John Minto

Self | Lord and Lady Minto with Party, Fording the Rushing Waters of the Klondike on Horseback

Gilbert John Minto was born on July 9, 1845 in London, England. He died on March 1, 1914 in Minto, Roxburgh, Scotland.

37. Pierre Sales

Writer | Le puits mitoyen

Former bank teller and newspaper writer.

38. Joseph Winter

Actor | Cutey's Waterloo

Joseph Winter was born in 1842 in New York, USA as Joseph Winkler. He was an actor, known for Cutey's Waterloo (1913). He was married to Adel. He died on October 23, 1914 in Booneville, New York.

39. Frank Dudley

Actor | The Nightingale

Frank Dudley was born on April 2, 1874 in Iowa, USA. He was an actor, known for The Nightingale (1914). He was married to Cora Belle Boney (actress). He died on January 6, 1914 in Hammond, Indiana, USA.

40. Frédéric Mistral

Writer | Mireille

Frédéric Mistral was born on September 8, 1830 in Maillane, Provence, France. He was a writer and actor, known for Mireille (1934), Mireille (1922) and Mireille's Sincere Love (1909). He was married to Marie Louise Aimée Rivière. He died on March 25, 1914 in Maillane.

41. Frederick Sleigh Roberts

Self | Lord Roberts Embarking for South Africa

Frederick Sleigh Roberts was born on September 30, 1832 in Cawnpore, British India. He was married to Nora Henrietta Bews. He died on November 14, 1914 in Saint-Omer, Pas-de-Calais, France.

43. Frank Lawton

Actor | Dance

Frank Lawton was born in 1861 in the USA as Frank Mokeley Lawton. He was an actor, known for Dance (1894). He was married to Daisy May Collier (actress) and Virginia Earle. He died on April 18, 1914 in New York, USA.

44. William A. Russell

Actor | Tag Day

William A. Russell was born in 1878 in Illinois, USA. He was an actor, known for Tag Day (1909), Method in His Madness (1910) and Electric Insoles (1910). He died on January 11, 1914 in Hollywood, California, USA.

45. Lillian Nordica

Self | President Taft at San Francisco

Lillian Nordica was born on December 12, 1857 in Farmington, Maine, USA as Lillian Bayard Norton. She was married to George Washington Young (banker), Zoltan F. Doeme (Hungarian tenor) and Frederick Allen Gower (journalist and inventor). She died on May 10, 1914 in Cirebon, West Java, Indonesia.

46. Signe Wilhelmi

Actress | Himlens Straf

Signe Wilhelmi was born on April 3, 1842 in Copenhagen, Denmark. She was an actress, known for Himlens Straf (1910). She died on April 28, 1914.

47. John M. Snyder

Writer | As Ye Sow

Rev. John M. Snyder was a Unitarian minister, author and playwright. After graduating with honors from the Meadville Theological School in Meadville, Pennsylvania, Rev. Snyder was ordained a pastor in 1870 at the Hingham Unitarian Church in Hingham, Massachusetts. Three years later he became pastor...

49. Adna R. Chaffee

Self | The War in China

Adna R. Chaffee was born on April 14, 1842 in Orwell, Ohio, USA. He died on November 1, 1914.

50. Vladimir Shaternikov

Actor | Kak khoroshi, kak svezhi byli rozy

Vladimir Shaternikov was an actor, known for How Fine, How Fresh the Roses Were (1913), Anna Karenina (1914) and Departure of a Grand Old Man (1912). He died in 1914.

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