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The Tie of the Blood (1913)

The Tie of the Blood (1913)

Short | Romance | Western

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The prologue opens in the village of the Cherokees at the time of a visit from the friendly Osage. Setting Sun and Big Eagle, the dominant chiefs, as an evidence of good will and with the hope of perpetuating peace, arrange that their children, Deer Foot and Red Wing, shall marry when grown. Years elapse and find Deer Foot and Red Wing prominent pupils at Carlisle. They accept their betrothal as agreeable. An ambitious and unscrupulous half-breed, Mathews, has a fancy for Red Wing. Deer Foot has a rival in Mathews, who succeeds in drugging the former, thereby carrying off the honors in an athletic contest. Red Wing, who has been led to believe Deer Foot lost by drunkenness, snubs him at the party following the athletic meet. Mathews puts fuel to the flame of her indignation, showing her a forged note in which his rival's name is linked with another woman. The same night Deer Foot receives a letter announcing the death of his father, calling him to the reservation to assume chieftainship. He releases his love from the pledge of their fathers. In her misery Red Wing turns to Mathews and they become engaged. Subsequently she learns the half-breed already has a wife. She upbraids him and he strikes her. This breaks the engagement. She meets Deer Foot and tells him of Mathews' perfidy. They follow Mathews when he disbarks from a train. They trail him to the desert, empty his canteen and leave him in misery, as they ride away to the happiness they have sought in their own village.
Lem B. Parker
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