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The Girl and the Tiger (1913)

The Girl and the Tiger (1913)

Short | Drama

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The resident of Gansoor, who is responsible to the British Government for the happenings in the Kingdom of the Maharajah, receives a visit from a friend, Lieutenant Clifford of the U.S. Navy. He is sumptuously entertained by the Maharajah and falls in love at first sight with that ruler's favorite Nautch girl, Zahanna. They meet clandestinely and are observed by Hyzan Singh, who informs the Maharajah of the happening. The Maharajah declares that the lieutenant must die, but is afraid to act for fear of the reprisals which must come at the hands of the British. He plots with the Nahuni, a jealous Nautch girl, who is responsible for showing Hyzan the clandestine meetings. The lieutenant is invited to participate in a tiger hunt and readily agrees. At the last moment the Maharajah pleads stress of business and the lieutenant goes alone with the Hyzan and a few beaters. The tigers are seen in the excitement. It is easy to persuade Lieutenant Clifford to take one direction, whilst the wily Hyzan awaits the return of the beaters who accompany Clifford and desert him when his attention is directed to the big game at hand. They all return to the Maharajah and report their complete success and are overheard by Zahanna, who decides to go to the rescue of her lover. The lieutenant comes upon three tigers and at once they turn upon him, and he barely reaches a cabin made of jungle grass and gets inside when the beasts are at his heels and springing at the door. He struggles to hold the frail door against their savage rushes and looks around to face a huge cobra which is about to strike him. He fires through the door and the tigers run away frightened and killing the reptile as it strikes at him. He gets outside in an exhausted condition, and he discovers he is lost and spends the night in a cabin in fear. In the meantime the Nautch girl has bribed one of the beaters with jewels to take her to where Clifford was left. They hunt the night through and Zahanna separates from the beater for a while. In so doing she stumbles upon the lair of the tigers and when they attack her, she crawls into a hollow log and fires at the brutes as they enter the log after her. Half fainting she wonders what to do. Clifford hears the shot and finds her as the beater also comes up attracted by the shot. Zahanna is afraid to return, but Clifford tells her that the British residents will protect her and they go together.
Henry MacRae
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