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  • Ryoichi and Chikako are brother and sister. They live together. Chikako works during the day in an office and at night she prostitutes herself to fund her brother's studies at the university. Ryoichi doesn't know about his sister's secret life, but he is dating Harue whose brother is a policeman.


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  • Ryochi is getting dressed for school. The tuition is due that day, and Chikako gives him the money for tuition. He asks her if she will be working late, and she tells him that it depends on the professor.

    At an office, a police officer questions the manager about one of his employees. It is Chikako, who works as a secretary. He says there have been rumors about her, and he asks to see her attendance sheets. The manager tells him that she is a good worker who is well thought of by her coworkers.

    That night, we see Ryoichi at a theater watching a movie with his girlfriend, Harue. She asks him for his program,so she can tell her brother about the movie.

    At the police officer's home, he is getting dressed. Harue arrives. He tell her that he needs to see Chikako to tell her about the rumors that are spreading about her. She is not, in fact, working for a professor; she has been seen frequenting bars. There is worse. He whispers into her ear. She suggests that she should be the one to speak with her.

    Ryoichi is home, expecting Chikako's arrival, but it is Harue who enters. Since Chikako isn't there, she tells Ryoichi about the rumors that Chikako has been moonlighting at seedy bars and that she is being investigated by the police. He refuses to believe her, and he angrily demands that she leave, which she does, in tears. But he too is crying. He clearly isn't certain.

    At a bar, Chikako is seen making herself up with the other girls.

    At home, a distraught Ryoichi receive a phone call from Chikako. She tells him that she will be late. He hangs up on her. She is seen getting into the fancy car of a prosperous looking man.

    When she arrives home later that night, Ryoichi is up waiting for her. He confronts her and wind up striking her repeatedly. She pleads with him to forget about what she is doing and focus on studying. He walks out of the apartment and wanders through the streets, while Chikako stares in the mirror, in tears.

    The next morning, the police officer leaves for work, telling Harue that Ryoichi will come to understand. After he leaves, Chikako arrives, looking for Ryoichi who never came home. Harue confesses to her that it was she who told him of the rumors. Harue receives a phone call from her brother telling her that Ryoichi has committed suicide. Harue is barely able to tell Chikako the awful news.

    The next day, reporters are asking Chikako why her brother killed himself. She tells them she doesn't. They decide there isn't a story and leave. Harue is there. She hears Chikako speak angrily to Ryoichi, calling him a coward. Harue collapses in tears.

    The reporters are seen laughing as they walk down the street.

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