I'm Still Alive (1940) Poster


Devil-may-care stunt man and buzz-saw movie queen! (original poster)
Hollywood said their marriage would jinx them both...but his lucky number was up...and SHE was it! (original poster)
MEET THE UNSUNG HEROES OF THE SCREEN! (original poster-all caps)
Stuntman who defied a star! (original print ad)
Meet the Stand-ins for Death! (original print ad)
SHE WANTED TO BE HIS WIFE...NOT HIS WIDOW! (original half-sheet poster-all caps)
SUPPOSE YOUR HUSBAND WERE A STUNT MAN...and every day you picked up the phone to hear him gasp. (original half-sheet)
Something Was Bound to BUST...when stuntman married temperamental movie queen...and it DOES! (original print ad)
BEHIND THE CAMERAS as stunt men risk their lives in a split second duel with doom! (original print ad)

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