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The Truth About Zardoz, Plus Nine Other Things I Learned At Tcmff 2017

Just back from the 2017 TCM Classic Movie Festival with a few thoughts and thoughts about thoughts. I certainly held my reservations about this year’s edition, and though I ultimately ended up tiring early of flitting about from theater to theater like a mouse in a movie maze (it happens to even the most fanatically devoted of us on occasion, or so I’m told), there were, as always, several things I learned by attending Tcmff 2017 as well.

1) TCM Staffers Are Unfailingly Polite And Helpful

Thankfully I wasn’t witness, as I have been in past years, to any pass holders acting like spoiled children because they had to wait in a long queue or, heaven forbid, because they somehow didn’t get in to one of their preferred screenings. Part of what makes the Tcmff experience as pleasant as it often is can be credited to the tireless work
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A Tcmff 2017 Preamble

“It’s the most wonderful time/Of the year…” – Andy Williams

Well, yes and no. There is, after all, still about a week and a half to go before we can put the long national, annual nightmare of the tax season behind us. But it’s also film festival season, which for me specifically means the onset of the 2017 TCM Classic Film Festival, the eighth iteration of what has become a perennial moviegoing event. More and more people flock to Hollywood Boulevard each year from all reaches of the country, and from other countries, to revel in the history of Hollywood and international filmmaking, celebrate their favorite stars (including, this year, beloved TCM host Robert Osborne, who died earlier this year and whose presence has been missed at the festival for the past two sessions) and enjoy a long-weekend-sized bout of nostalgia for the movie culture being referred to when
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Tubefilter’s Guide To SXSW 2014

As in previous years, the interactive third of the South By Southwest (SXSW) festival will feature dozens of panels related to the online video industry. Attending all of the relevant events is impossible (unless you have a Time Turner), but here are some highlights to check out across the five days of SXSW Interactive. All times are local (Cst) Friday, March 7th Grace Helbig at the Samsung Blogger Lounge, 2:30 pm - For the third year in a row, Samsung and What's Trending are teaming up for the Samsung Blogger Lounge, which is located at 301 San Jacinto Blvd. This year's guests include Neil deGrasse Tyson, Jenny Slate, and Dan Harmon, but YouTube fans will be most interested in hearing Grace Helbig talk about the success of Camp Takota and her other projects. Super Fandom In The Digital Age, 5 pm - Andy Cohen of Bravo will host this panel, which will
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Happy Endings Review: You're The Roziest

  • TVfanatic
Max and Penny are the kind of best friends who are at their best when they are co-dependent. So, with the "P & P Romance Factory" going strong, Max struggled without his best friend at his side.

In "To Serb With Love," we watch Max cope with the loss of his sidekick by trying to replace her.

Nobody can compare to Penny, least of all a girl named Nickel who pronounces it Nicole. Well, it was really probably the other way around, but whatever. Too bad for Pete's brother that Nickel ended up being nutso, despite Max's disbelief.

She's like Crazy Stupid Love crazy. Not people who loved Crazy Stupid Love crazy. I mean she's not a psycho. | permalink

I guess that puts me in the nuts category because I love that movie! It gets better every time you watch it. As far as having a girl stalk you out in your apartment,
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