Casablanca (1942) Poster


Madeleine Lebeau: Yvonne



  • Yvonne : Where were you last night?

    Rick : That's so long ago, I don't remember.

    Yvonne : Will I see you tonight?

    Rick : I never make plans that far ahead.

  • Yvonne : [Yvonne is drunk]  Give me another.

    Rick : Sascha, she's had enough.

    Yvonne : Don't listen to him, Sascha. Fill it up!

    Sascha : Yvonne, I loff you, but he pays me.

  • [at the bar, where Yvonne and a German officer are ordering drinks] 

    French Officer Insulting Yvonne : [in French, to Yvonne]  Say, you are French, yet you go out with a German like this!

    Yvonne : [in French]  What are you butting in for?

    French Officer Insulting Yvonne : [in French]  I am butting in...

    Yvonne : [in French]  It's none of your business!

    [the German officer approaches the Frenchman] 

    German Officer with Yvonne : [in English to the French officer]  What did you say to her? Would you kindly repeat it to me?

    French Officer Insulting Yvonne : [in English]  What I said is none of your business.

    German Officer with Yvonne : Then I will make it my business!

    [brief scuffle between German officer and French officer; Yvonne screams at them in French to stop; Rick intervenes and orders them to desist] 

    Rick : I don't like disturbances in my place. Either lay off politics or get out!

    [other French officers come forward and forcibly remove the French officer from the club] 

    French Officer Insulting Yvonne : [in French, to German officer]  Dirty Boche. Someday we'll have our revenge!

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