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A Puppetoon variation on the Sleeping Beauty fairy tale
llltdesq4 January 2014
Warning: Spoilers
This is a George Pal Puppetoon. There will be mild spoilers:

This is basically a retelling of the Sleeping Beauty fairy tale done with Puppetoons. There's a sleeping princess, a witch, a prince and a guard who mainly serves as comic relief.

The story plays out pretty much as expected. The short is visually beautiful and that's the fun of watching the short. George Pal's shorts are typically quite impressive to look at as a rule.

This short, along with several others, is included as an extra on a Blu-Ray release of The Puppetoon Movie which was done in 2013 by a boutique production company in a limited edition of 3000. The short is enjoyable, well worth watching and the Blu-Ray two-disc set is very well done and worth tracking down. Recommended.
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The Sky Princess is one of George Pal's best Puppetoons
tavm1 January 2007
Warning: Spoilers
The Sky Princess is a George Pal Puppetoon in which the title character is kept asleep in a chamber up in the sky (or space) by a wicked witch. A prince manages to wake her up with his violin as he plays some instrumental music that when put to words for Walt Disney's Sleeping Beauty became "Once Upon a Dream". With help from an apprentice magician, the prince rescues the princess from her slumber as she nonchalantly breaks the glass from her chamber without hurting herself! It's at this point that the witch gets killed by a lightning as she flies out! So they all dance happily ever after as "Once Upon a Dream" plays out with the Paramount logo appearing. One of Pal's most charming cartoons with puppet animation worthy of the best Disney cel ones. Definitely worth seeing for any George Pal enthusiasts.
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My favorite stop-motion short film
ja_kitty_719 January 2012
At first I had never seen (or heard) of this short...Until I had watched it online at YouTube and after that I'd love it.

I loved that this short is a fairy tale, I still love fairy tales though I am 26-years-old. Anyway this short is an original fairy tale about a prince who sails on his flying ship to an enchanted castle in the clouds to save a beautiful, sleeping princess from a nasty witch. I also love that they put Tchaikovsky's Sleeping Beauty waltz as part of the short's score.

Historically, stop-motion animation is the earliest form of animation starting with the German film The Adventures of Prince Achmed from 1926. So overall, that is all I could say and this short is one of my favorite shorts.
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