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Season 5

12 Sep. 1951
The Tale of the Wolf
A lawyer gets it in his head that his wife is still in love with her childhood sweetheart. It takes losing $1,000,000 for him to learn otherwise.
19 Sep. 1951
The Wren
A city woman wants to get away from the rat race so she spends her summer at a New England boarding house. It's there that she becomes fascinated with a young artist.
26 Sep. 1951
The Climax
Children should be seen and not heard, especially when they discover that an "accident" was really a murder.
10 Oct. 1951
Seen But Not Heard
Children should be seen and not heard, especially when they discover that an "accident" was really a murder.
19 Oct. 1951
Moon Over Mulberry Street
A poverty-stricken family struggles to improve their station in life.
24 Oct. 1951
A "widow" remarries, only to discover that her supposedly dead first husband is anything but. She ends up being charged with the murder of a woman who knew all about husband number one.
31 Oct. 1951
Hour of Crisis
A small-town Vermont girl wins a beauty contest and is quickly "discovered" by a movie studio. They change her name, publicize her as the daughter of a rich gentleman farmer, and groom her for stardom. She hits it big and is seems a sure bet to win an Academy Award. When her rustic father, a justice of the peace, arrives for a Hollywood visit, a gossip columnist catches wind and threatens to expose the woman's phoney high society background.
7 Nov. 1951
A man who admits to forging a check asks the court for leniency because he did it to help a broke friend. Another man, however, is determined that he be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.
14 Nov. 1951
Never Be the Same
This comedy involves a family known in the area as "those crazy neighbors." The grandma tries to stop her granddaughter from marrying the son of a bank president.
21 Nov. 1951
Dear Brutus
A man invites a several people to his house for an unusual get-together. Each will have a chance to relive a part of their life. He learns that it's not quite as amusing as he thought it would be.
28 Nov. 1951
The Fair Haired Boy
A college football star gets a dose of reality when he fails a course - even after cheating on an exam.
5 Dec. 1951
A man places great value on the concept of one's honor.
12 Dec. 1951
The Golden Slate
A man discovers gold buried in his front yard.
19 Dec. 1951
Incident on Fifth Avenue
An invisible elfin creature, a troll, teaches a hardened New Yorker about Christmas.
26 Dec. 1951
The Nantucket Legend
A New England sea captain, determined to die, changes the life of the people of his community.
2 Jan. 1952
The New Gossoon
An adaptation of a 1930 domestic comedy by Irish playwright George Shiels (1881-1949), which had been performed on Broadway several times during the 1930s in repertory by The Abbey Theatre Irish Players on tour. A "gossoon" is a servant boy, a phonetic spelling for the Irish "gosún," which is related to the Old French "garçon."
9 Jan. 1952
Philip Goes Forth
A young man moves from his small hometown to the big city to make it as a playwright.
16 Jan. 1952
The Round Table
A young woman's life is so monopolized by her family duties that she can't marry the man whom she loves.
30 Jan. 1952
Mrs. O'Brien Entertains
A woman and her father live along the New York waterfront in 1848.
6 Feb. 1952
Follow the Dream
A young woman can't make up her mind about who she wants to marry. She puts off the decision until her wedding day.
13 Feb. 1952
The Skin Game
Sir John Hillcrest has trouble with gout and the changing times. Conflict arises between British aristocrats and middle class business men at the start of the 20th century.
20 Feb. 1952
The Mollusc
A self-centered "lady of leisure" languidly lies on her chaise lounge and runs the lives of her husband and the other household members. Her dynamic brother arrives and is determined to make her do something--anything-- with her life. The more he bullies, the more she finds ingenious ways to do absolutely nothing with her time.
27 Feb. 1952
September Tide
In post-war England, a young woman brings home her new husband, a rather bohemian and talented artist. Her widowed mother falls deeply in love with her daughter's new husband who begins to feel the same way as he paints her portrait.
5 Mar. 1952
What Anne Brought Home
A man with a fondness for fish becomes obsessed with opening a hatchery.
26 Mar. 1952
The Rugged Path
A pair of Irish families feud.
2 Apr. 1952
That Ryan Girl
A woman, known as the nightclub entertainer "That Ryan Girl" is forced to choose between her husband and her son. The father plans to trade on their reputations to clear himself of a murder rap.
9 Apr. 1952
The Last Mile
A man is condemned to die for a murder he says he didn't commit. While his friends on the outside work to find evidence to prove him innocent, he becomes involved in a prison riot.
16 Apr. 1952
Green Cars Go East
Feuding families in mountains of Ireland put aside their differences to follow the law.
30 Apr. 1952
The Man in Half Moon Street
A scientist who has found a way to prolong life (he is 120 years old) finds himself in a dilemma: he has fallen in love, and he has also discovered that if he doesn't get new glands, he will die.
7 May 1952
She Stoops to Conquer
Hardcastle, a man of substance, looks forward to acquainting his daughter with his old pal's son with a view to marriage. But thanks to playboy Lumpkin, he's mistaken by his prospective son-in-law Marlow for an innkeeper, his daughter for the local barmaid. The good news is, while Marlow can barely speak to a woman of quality he's a charmer with those of a different stamp. And so, as Hardcastle's indignation intensifies, Miss Hardcastle's appreciation for her misguided suitor soars. Misdemeanours multiply, love blossoms, mayhem ensues. One of the great, ...
14 May 1952
The Inn
A young traveling salesman isn't expecting to be accused of murder.
21 May 1952
Prologue to Glory
A young Abraham Lincoln is keeping store in New Salem, Illinois, courting Ann Rutledge, and just beginning his political activities.
28 May 1952
The Third Visitor
Sometimes you can die twice. After the body of a man is found beaten to death, police discover the "dead" man is alive and well. He had disguised the corpse to look like him and his wife gave a false alibi. Though alive, he may not stay that way for long.
4 Jun. 1952
At Mrs. Beam's
A mysterious man and woman check into a boarding house, arousing the attention of the old ladies who live there. They begin gossiping and convince themselves that the new boarder is the horrible "Bluebeard" murderer who has killed numerous women.
11 Jun. 1952
The Cricket on the Hearth
A woman helps a friend find happiness but almost loses hers in the process.
18 Jun. 1952
The Death of Kid Slawson
A young criminal escapes from a police lieutenant and eventually is adopted by a doctor. In fact, he becomes a physician himself. Many years later, he's recognized by the policeman who then begins an attack against the reformed man.
25 Jun. 1952
Thorn in the Flesh
A woman who once had a career to which she was devoted now she fights her boredom with alcohol.
2 Jul. 1952
A Time for Turning
Totally devoted to her younger sister, a concert pianist, a woman's possessive nature causes family friction.
16 Jul. 1952
The Great Big Doorstep
The Crochets, a Cajun family of eight who live in the Louisiana bayou, are proud of the steps that they have salvaged from the river for their two-room shack. "The Commodore" is a lazy man, who presumably earns his living as a ditch-digger. Mrs. Crochet raises lilies in the swamp, hoping she will someday be able to sell them. They learn of the possibility of getting a larger home, one that will match their steps, if they can raise $60. Saving the day is a florist from New Orleans who buys all of Mrs. Crochet's lilies, 7,000 at 2 cents each.
30 Jul. 1952
The Music Master
Sixteen years after his wife took his daughter and left, a talented musician sacrifices his career to search for his family.
6 Aug. 1952
Six by Six
Behind enemy lines during World War II, a group of American soldiers are trapped in a small concrete bunker.
13 Aug. 1952
Lace on Her Petticoat
Two young girls from different social classes become close friends during the summer. When the daughter of a marquis has a party and wants to invite her new friend, her parents deem her "not good enough" to attend. The "rich" girl is so distraught that she almost commits suicide.
20 Aug. 1952
Indian Summer
The Endicotts' only daughter is about to be married, but the happy occasion is marred by scandal when Mr. Endicott is served with divorce papers.
29 Aug. 1952
The Small Hours
A shy woman with low self-esteem is married to a prominent husband. She is intimidated by his powerful friends and the social pressures that come with success. She does manage to find her inner strength and a new set of priorities.
3 Sep. 1952
Mr. Barry's Etchings
Mr. Barry is a sweet old engraver who makes sizable donations to charities with his home-printed money.